Chiropractic care can be remarkable for treating new, recurring or persistent back and neck pain (with or without radiating symptoms) and some headaches. Chiropractors are best known for treating the spine and associated nerve, muscle and joint issues throughout the body. Chiropractic care is conservative, noninvasive and holistic.


Netley Chiropractic utilizes the Activator Method. Activator was developed to precisely control the speed, force, and direction of chiropractic adjustments, so a safe, reliable and controlled force may be produced to adjust the spine and other joints throughout the body. This method is a low-force alternative to manual chiropractic adjustments. You will receive the same great benefits of manual adjusting without bending, twisting or cracking.

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As pain is reduced and joint function restores, active care is introduced in order to teach patients how to move pain-free. Netley Chiropractic addresses muscular imbalances, trains healthy movement patterns, and strives to reduce postural stresses that perpetuate joint dysfunction and pain.